Easily manage digital signage

Professional software to manage your display networks anytime from anywhere. We offer an efficient and user-friendly digital signage solution for a wide range of branches.

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How it works

Seamlessly upload, manage and view your content.

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Connect your chosen device to a screen and pair it to your Vemlo Tv account.

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Very easy to use

Vemlo Tv is reliable, affordable and incredibly user friendly.

Advanced layout editor

Using a highly flexible tool, you can split the screen into multiple areas and create a unique layout for your broadcast.

True 4K

We do not compress video files. If your device supports 4K, Vemlo Tv digital signage software will play your content in full original resolution.

Offline playback

All the scenarios, that has been already uploaded on your players, will proceed to normally playback even in an offline mode.

Easy to use

Captivate customers

Grab your customers' attention and display captivating content with our free widgets.

Canva & Vemlo Tv

Use Canva. Edit millions of royalty-free images, graphics, ready-made templates and effortlessly share them on your screens in minutes.

Most popular widgets

Use 30+ popular free widgets like weather, news, stock market, twitter, tiktok, customizable marquee to make your content attractive.

Prepared templates

Vemlo Tv choose from a library of templates professionally designed by the design team, edit, adapt, share.

Royalty free
Quick share
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Manage your screens

Quickly and easily display all kinds of content on your screens.

Share content in seconds

Instantly share your live broadcast videos using videos, pictures, documents, web pages, IP TV.

Intelligent timing and ccreen management

Set up different content schedules to target the right viewers at the right time. Manage thousands of screens and upload, edit and view content remotely from your computer using our online platform.

Extreme security and reliability

Enterprise-grade security includes TLS, firewall and password policies, Player lock-down & storage encryption features. Align your digital signage with your corporate security protocols.

Smart timing

14 Languages

Türkçe, English - 中文 - Español - عربى - Português - русский - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - ελληνικά - Hrvatski - Poski - Svenska

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