Establish effective digital communication with branch visitors anytime and anywhere.

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Cut fixed costs

Eliminate recurring costs for the production and placement of printed advertising materials and legal documents. Just send the required file to the screens in all your branches instantly.

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Interactive possibilities

Receive product inquiries and customer feedback by introducing interactive scenarios on touch screens placed in bank branches.

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Customer Representative

Create and timely update a useful information flow for branch visitors. Combine ads from your playlists with news, weather and entertainment content.

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Customer service tool

Significantly reduce customer waiting time by implementing interactive self-service tools at branches. Answer most questions without employee involvement.

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Increase customer traffic

According to research, 8 out of 10 new visitors entered a bank branch just because digital signage caught their attention. Present your strongest offers and get leads on window displays.

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Brand success

Image is very important. Declare your brand as one of the most advanced high-tech leaders in the market using modern customer communication tools.

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